3D printing with plastic waste

The Perpetual Plastic Project recycle installation was specifically designed for use at events. With it’s unique manually-operated machinery, everybody can have a go at recycling plastic themselves!


Promoting your company at a trade fair or conference? Our interactive machines will inspire your visitors and provide for a fun and unforced conversation starter on subjects such as the circular economy and responsible plastic use.


Activating and inspiring visitors without finger pointing? Our recycling experience stimulates the collection of plastic waste and lets people experience what its like to transform waste into a 3D printed product.

Corporate events

Organizing a corporate event or launching a sustainable product? Tell your story in a positive and active manner, by recycling your (corporate) waste into a custom 3D printed product, on the spot.

The machines

The Perpetual Plastic Project experience is an interactive recycling installation which uses manually-operated machines to recycle plastic waste into a 3D printing filament, or ‘3D printer ink’. Thanks to the modular set-up and mobile stations, we can flexibly use the space that is available.

How it works

Cleaning and drying

The recycling process consists of a few different steps. At the first station, the plastic waste gets cleaned and dried.


Next, the plastic is shredded into increasingly smal pieces, using two hand cranked plastic shredders.


The plastic is then melted into a thin thread or 'filament' by using our unique manually-operated plastic extruder. The filament will be inserted into the 3D printer.

3D printing

The recycled filament is inserted into the 3D printer and transformed into a valuable product. We have developed a series of standard products which are optimized for 3D printing at events.


Unique 3D print design

With a 3D printer, the possibilities are endless! Next to printing our standard products, it’s also possible to personalize them with a logo or image of your choice. For the most exclusive experience, we also offer to develop a completely custom-made product.