Ekotown is a 2 day lifestyle festival in Amsterdam were the focus is on sharing knowledge and inspiration about a biological way of life. Together with UMEF we proposed to make the PPPmachine run fully on green energy, locally produced at the festival.  

The PPP installation does not require that much power at all since most of the power comes from the visitor’s muscles. However the drying tower, the 3D-printers and some mobile phone chargers needed to be powered, so we had to come up with an idea to produce power.

To achieve this, we used wind, solar and human power to generate this needed energy. Since wind and solar energy are depending fully on the local condition, human power was needed as a back up. While there was almost no wind these days, it turned out to be very sunny, and the solar panels produced more than enough power to keep the machine running all day, without having to fall back on human or wind power. The combination of PPP, green energy harvesting and an electricity producing dancefloor is a green package deal for festivals by the name of Jack, the Green Plugin.