The Perpetual Plastic Project is a mobile interactive recycling installation that can be booked for events, festivals or other occasions to get the visitors involved and educated about the recycling of waste plastics.  The fun and hands-on, learning by doing, experience is what makes the Perpetual Plastic Project stand out on every event. 

Our custom ring design for iAmsterdam. Made from PLA cups.

Our custom ring design for iAmsterdam. Made from PLA cups.


Perpetual Plastic Project installation

To make recycling possible on the spot, the full-size installation features a washer/dryer, two shredders, one extruder and three 3D-printers. This does not mean that it is a true production facility. Visitors drive the machines themselves which makes it more like a craft and also more fun and educational. 

The installation is designed as a modulair system in such a way that it is easy to transport and can host up to 20 visitors at the same time. Together with the installation experienced staff is there to guide the visitors through the process and explain the steps in more detail.  

Kids, students, business men and grandparents, we have worked with every target group and all are fascinated by the hands-on recycle process. 

Several extension options are available to create a custom experience for your event. 


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