For inquiries about the process of plastic waste to 3d-printing and the associated machines please first have a look at our blog that features most of that info.
We are interested in cooperating with schools and students in order to further the research on the process and teach the younger generation.
We also have experience in creating educational programmes in the form of lectures, workshops, classes and assignments.


The interactive recycling and 3d-printing installation can be booked for events. See our events page for the details. Send us an email with your requests and we will contact you as soon as possible. The costs for a full day depending on the type of event. For multiple day events a bespoke price is possible.


We have designed the complete installation ourselves including the shredders and extruders (excluding Ultimaker printers). These are prototypes continuously being improved and are not made in large series, which we don't intend to do. Our goal is to make more recycling and 3d-printing installations that can be used by anyone. For trading notes on machine designs or inquiries about buying a complete (custom) installation, use...



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For inquiries of another nature then intention to purchase machines, events or education about the process please send mail to.

You can also use the form on the left, it comes directly in our mailbox.


Sometimes a phone call saves us both a lot of time. The Perpetual Plastic Project / Better Future Factory team can be reached on working hours on: +31 (0)10 850 49 31


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