The last days of chilling in Berlin got us ready for the long road we had to make. We left a very interesting crowd in the Bar am See: our friends from the Ding Dong app and their entourage of entrepreneurs: Jeni, Olga, Kate, Onno, and Che.
We rode for 11 hours straight with three people sharing the wheel (Jonas, Gaspard and Bart) through the wednesday night crossing the Austrian mountains to arrive in Trieste, Italy. There we were welcomed by our friends from the ICTP: Enrique and Carlos at the guesthouse by the Adriatic sea. We built up the installation on one of the most beautiful squares in Italy: Piazza di Unita. 

What ensued was a day like we had not encountered before in our PPP days. From 9am till 11pm we there was a crowd, non-stop of young and old. Luckily we had also Gaia and Ilaria to help us because our Italian is not that good. The most important words were: lavare, bicchieri, trituratrice, estrusure filo riciclata and stampa 3D.
It was really nice to have the team from the ICTP helping us. We feel like we would like to do this more often. Employing volunteers to guide the visitors through the installation while we just do some monitoring.

We started extruding the PS cups from Illy and at first we thought we hit a snag. The material seemed to transform into chewing gum and stuck in the extruder. Finally we got the settings just right and we even extruded filament better then we ever did with PLA. The stickiness of the PS made it a lot easier to get up on a roll. However, the same properties of the material made printing harder. We're still figuring out the right settings.
We also still haven't found the right policy about giving away or selling the rings. We can't produce enough rings to meet the demand even though we've brought the printing time to under 3 minutes. Asking for donations in return for a ring worked well in Berlin but we felt that it wasn't right for this particular setting.

Tomorrow and tuesday, our agenda will be of less practical and more of theoretical nature as we'll be giving a lecture and attending the conference here that will also be about online education.

In other news, we're chosen to participate in the first Dutch Village Capital program organised with stichting Doen, The HUB Amsterdam and Outside Inc. It's time for Jonas and Gaspard to kick this project in the butt and grow a real business out of it (so that we might support ourselves and our future children).