This is our first blog post although we have already been on the road for three days. The website has been out of the air for some days and we've only been able to get to a decent Wi-fi just now. Big ups to our friend Leon van Rossenberg, Berlin local, for helping us out (also with building up the installation and assisting).

We are at the end of our second day at the Berlin Art Week in the program Preview Berlin. 
We're there with Stefan and Ulli to represent the Fabcon faire in Erfurt where we were also present last time.

The road to Berlin went surprisingly smooth, without Stau or stockende Verkehr and we set up the installation like it aint no thing. The first day is always a little bit exciting because you never know what kind of crowd to expect. It was relatively quiet until it crowds suddenly came ramming from 6 till 10. They caught us by surprise and even managed to break the crank of the little shredder. So today was troubleshooting day and going to the local hardware stores to get spare parts while also manning the installation. 

We did however manage to print an immense lot of our trademark "heart rings" from recycled material that we extruded with the revamped extruder. It's up to a point where we can let the visitors extrude themselves and the quality is quite sufficient to print with. Using a 0.8mm nozzle also helps the hot end from clogging up as the recycled filament that we make often has impurities. We decided to make the layers of the print more visible which has two advantages: the layers melt together better making the print stronger and it prints a lot faster. And it just looks cooler as well.

We also did a custom print job for the Berlin Art Parasites and got picked up by their blog. They're pretty cool guys and girls.